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Corporate And Social Responsibility

What does corporate responsibility mean for a biotech company? Everything we do is underpinned by a strong sense of our responsibilities as a specialty biotechnological company.

From detailed business policies to practical day-to-day action, the idea of corporate responsibility guides and inspires everyone who works at our Company. We’re not only concentrating on quality products but also on the employee’s families, innovators and inventors, dealers and customers.


Corporate responsibility

We are proud of working together, but we're even more proud of the difference we make to the lives of people with our life-changing world class products. We keep our promise of delivering excellent quality products to customers.

Health, Safety & Environment

McPharma Biotech Inc. is committed to operating a sustainable, responsible organization that protects the environment and the health and safety of those with whom we have relationships –our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders, our employees, the environment and the communities where we conduct our activities. We are committed to maintaining a level of health, safety and environmental performance that is among the leaders in the specialty biotechnological industry, and to demonstrating respect for individuals and the environment. We firmly believe that exceptional HSE management is a key component in achieving excellent company performance and making our Company a world-class organization and responsible corporate citizen. We know that successful HSE management involves integrating sound principles and practices into our day-today activities and business management and good performance levels are achieved by the collaborative effort of all employees. Thus, compliance with this policy is the responsibility of every employee.

HSE Management

McPharma Biotech Inc. is committed to excellence in health, safety and environment management and will maintain management systems designed to identify and manage the HSE risks associated with our operations, assure continued HSE compliance, and support continuous performance improvement. We will develop and implement global standards and procedures to manage potential risks and improve the operation of our business, and define personal accountabilities and responsibilities for integrating HSE into our business activities. We will set HSE goals, measure progress and communicate results.

Sustainable Development

We will strive to conserve resources and minimize or eliminate adverse HSE effects and risks that may be associated with our products, facilities and operations. We will promote the sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, waste minimization, recycling, energy efficiency, and responsible product stewardship in our business activities.


We will work to create an atmosphere where HSE excellence among employees is valued. We will provide a safe and healthy workplace, striving to prevent injuries and illnesses, promoting healthy lifestyles and encouraging respect for the environment. We will train, empower and require our employees to take individual responsibility for HSE and encourage them to integrate HSE considerations into their everyday activities and to improve our HSE performance.


We will comply with relevant legal requirements, laws and regulations wherever we operate. However, we regard compliance with local HSE legislation as a minimum standard, and we will adopt global HSE standards that define minimum performance expectations.

Business Integration

We regard HSE excellence as an essential element of every day activity performed at our Company and as a shared business value that must not be compromised. We will strive to integrate health, safety, and environmental considerations into all phases of the business, including research, discovery and development, operation and maintenance, sales, marketing, and product delivery and we will act with integrity in all we do.

Suppliers and Contractors

We will work with our business partners to support responsibly to HSE practices and enhance HSE performance among our suppliers, contractors and customers.

Community and Government

We will communicate openly on workplace health, safety and environmental issues and strive to build trust and sustained relationships with our stakeholders, both within and outside the Company. We will actively participate as appropriate with government agencies, industry and the public to ensure that the development and implementation of health, safety and environmental policies, laws, regulations, and practices promote the present and future well-being of people and the environment and are based on sound scientific judgment.