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Mission And Phlosophy

As one of the world’s leading biotechnological companies, McPharma Biotech Inc. has emerged as a company fully focused on a single purpose:
To enable people with life-changing world class products to lead better lives.
Strategic partnerships have stimulated the Company’s rapid growth. In the twenty five plus years of the directors business history, the majority of our new products have joined our stable of existing products.

We are collaborating with the (RCFFN ) Richardson Center for Functional Foods and Neutraceuticals and also with the St. Boniface Hospital Reasearch ,together contributing to our development in digestive health for humans.

McPharma Biotech Inc. has systematically extended its global presence by offering a range of essential products to human as well as livestock, and thereby kept its words: That delivers on the promises it makes.

Employees are creative, dynamic entrepreneurs with a mission to bring products faster to market through innovation.

We also promote the importance at McPharma Biotech Inc., of the communities in which we live and work—about who we are and the legacy we leave behind. Through countless Corporate Responsibility initiatives, we’re making a difference by supporting programs ranging from the education of young scientists and the beautifying of natural landscapes to the ethical values of people. At McPharma Biotech Inc. we are perpetually planning for the future. We have recruited the most innovative and highly qualified professionals from various backgrounds to innovate and to explore new markets. We’re not only concentrating on quality products but also on the patients and families, innovators and inventors. We are committed to developing collaborative, profitable partnerships with customers and suppliers. We strive to be recognized as a partner that is loyal, consistent, fair and focused on continuous improvement.