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Research And Development

We are committed to developing collaborative, profitable partnerships with customers and suppliers. We strive to be recognized as a partner that is loyal, consistent, fair and focused on continuous improvement. We are driven by innovative ideas and the continuous pursuit of growth and opportunity—for our company, our employees, our industry, and our community.

Research and development activities carried out in our company are focused mainly toward developing particular technologies. We are collaborating with the (RCFFN) Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals which is located in the Smartpark Research and Technology Park, University of Manitoba. The Centre is dedicated to the discussion, discovery, and development of functional foods and nutraceuticals, with a focus on the crops of the Canadian Prairies. It also facilitates discussion, discovery, and development of new products, analytical techniques and technology innovation. It also supports the development of an economically viable industry in Manitoba and Canada.

We are also collaborating with the St. Boniface Hospital Research. The Foundation promotes excellence in health care research related to the prevention and treatment of disease, the promotion of good health, and improvements in patient care - all with the overriding objective of improving individual quality of life and respecting the individual. These collaborations contribute to our development in digestive health for humans.

Now we have come up with a Technology which is used in the animal industry to reduce the use of antibiotics in animals and we are also working to explore its potential in gastrointestinal disease in humans. We have done four years of product development in the livestock industry with very interesting potential for human gut health.