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What Responsibility Means To Us?

We are one of the world’s leading emerging Biotechnology companies. The unique products we develop help people to lead better lives.

Our patients are – and always will be – our first priority. But we have other responsibilities as well: to the specialist physicians who prescribe our treatments, to the health authorities who pay for them and to the policymakers who set the regulatory frameworks within which we operate around the world. They all expect us to behave with the very highest standards of integrity and ethics and that’s exactly as it should be.

This is why ‘Responsibility’ has always been at the top of the company. It touches every aspect of our business, from the way we develop and market our products, to our relationships with suppliers, to the way we treat our own people.

Growing our business

We plan to grow our business in a responsible and sustainable way and we are following these ways in our day today business and making the company and the people associated with it more richer in terms of values and financially.

Geographic expansion

As we look to advance our goal of enabling people around the world with life changing products to lead better lives, we will continue to expand our geographical footprint and the availability of our products, into new countries.

Public policy

One of our responsibilities as a specialty biotechnological company is to ensure that the people affected by the conditions we treat are given the support they need, and the conditions themselves are properly understood and adequately funded

Ethical sales and marketing

The way in which we market and sell our products is subject to regulations and guidelines, such as those set out by the country. Making sure of such things and adopting fully ethical sales and marketing practices into our business is our prime motto.